My Growth and Evolution as a Teacher

   Personal Teaching Metaphor- Journal #2

I think a clever an accurate metaphor as a music educator in a classroom setting or ensemble setting would be a captain of a ship. It sounds a little ridiculous but it makes sense. Teachers are essentially guides or the center of knowledge students go to in order to gain information, knowledge and skills. It’s a relationship in which the teacher puts knowledge, direction and examples in which the student can utilize the tools and information given to them in order to experiment, enhance and work on their knowledge and skill being presented to them in the first place. The teacher provides the platform and frame work in which the student works off of. If the student does not work or utilize what they teacher has given them it is essentially just useless information. A Captain on a ship runs, surveys and manages the work being done on the ship as does he provided the direction/goal in which the ship is headed. Without the captain the sailors/workers would be clueless and lost and wouldn’t know where to start or go. They have nothing to go on and will essentially just stay in the same place where they are. Without the crew of workers on the boat the captain has nothing to put his work into and nothing will happen. The captain gives orders and directions for the workers on the ship to follow to make the course correct and to accomplish a goal or destination. Everyone’s part is essential and important to accomplishing this goal and if one or several people do not do their job or effort it affects the whole group. Hence this is a team and group effort collaborating together to accomplish one big goal. The small work adds up progressively as the workers or students improve on their skills as time goes on and the teacher or captain explains more to them after they have understand the principles. This beneficial relationship spirals up make things more efficient, effective and of better quality. The teacher provides the lesson and instructional aspect on how to play the music and how to perform and present it, however it is the job of the student to work on these skills in order to get the result they personally want as well as contribute and get the result everyone wants at the end. Students practice techniques on their instrument as well as understanding their musical concepts. When all do their part the full ensemble sounds, as it should. It is fundamentally a form of working democracy where people have different jobs but all are as equally important and the teacher or captain is not more important than them but merely the knowledge giver and example to lead by. Rhythm and dynamics are the tools and basic principles of music. Without those the student cannot create music. Without the fundamental principles of how to set up the sails bring up the anchor work the steering wheel and other functional aspects of a ship the ship cannot go anywhere and not reach any destination. And who instructs the crewmembers on a ship to do these things how and when? The captain. Who instructs the students how to create the elements of pitch, dynamics and rhythm on their instrument? The music teacher. The crew members are not very good at the skill they are assigned at first but with practice they become better at that job on the ship allowing the ship to move more effectively and better towards it’s destination and goal. Students practice their instruments because their skill is not quite there yet. The teacher has explained to them how to do this skill it is now their job to work on it therefore create a better musician and better ensemble.


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