Professional writing

Pre Professional studies and evaluation

Several factors have contributed to a gradual improvement of my practicing playing and understanding of full musicianship both as a performer, audience member and thinker. These sub categories of improvement include; how I practice, approach to performance, how I teach (explain something to a fellow peer). Working on the project on how to teach a certain bowing technique provided a different perspective on how to learn something yourself. Having to teach something essentially implies you understand the concept as a whole and in detail. You can explain the general over view and the broad steps that are required for accomplishing this task and then going into detail on how to accomplish this technique. Additionally looking back on the video I recorded of myself playing the Mozart Concerto in G major also provided me with an example of how I played a month or so ago. By having this as record I can evaluate how my playing has improved since the beginning of the semester. Elements such as phrasing to bow hold has gradually improved since then. Normally as we practice we don’t notice some of these improvements in our playing because it is very gradual. Having experienced both engaging in a project and viewing a recording has provided me with ideas that could be completely applicable to my future professional career in teaching. Using similar teaching strategies with future students will prove to be helpful tools in the education on future students. Studying the body map has also proved very helpful as a pre professional because it provided clarification of what was incorrect with my practice position and habits. These being position of neck on the instrument and shoulder neck relation, to sitting while practicing. Sitting correctly and understanding where the spine is in body mapping proved to make a more comfortable and affective position in sitting while practicing and playing which improved tone quality and stamina of playing. Understanding where these important joints and muscles are in the body and how to use them correctly could now be used in teaching other students so they don’t develop bad habits.

Time management has improved 10 fold since entering Crane. In High School Procrastination and lack of attention was a battle that was faced sometimes when practicing. Having been put in an environment where there is a busy schedule in a day you learn to adjust and become more driven and productive. Scheduling in my practice times have become a very essential part of my daily routine at Crane. Additionally being in environment surrounded by practice rooms provides a very concentrated environment with little distractions which leads to more productivity. String Seminar helped how to schedule my practice sessions and also helped schedule what to practice in those practice sessions. Rather than spending a little time on many things like in previous practice times I would now schedule a decent amount of time to one study weather it be an etude, a scale or even just a bowing technique. Having been in The Metropolitan Youth Orchestra provided me with a very serious pre professional youth study with a full Orchestra Ensemble. Practicing audition excerpts as well as the pieces outside of rehearsal really prepared me for Crane. Rehearsals implemented the professional approach to being in an performing group and the repertoire provided me with that extra work and push that was needed to improve as a musician and ensemble player. Crane Symphony Orchestra only improved it since then. Being in Crane also taught me to evaluate things that would normally be taught or gone through in private lessons back at home. Rather than the lesson going through the piece and marking in fingerings and learning some of the notes more woodshedding is done in the practice room so for when the lesson happens higher technical developments can be discussed with student and teacher along with musicality along with mastery of the repertoire being studied. Collaborating with fellow peers and students also provides helpful input from all different perspectives and ideas that one might not think of while practicing. This is one of the reasons studio is very important along with the fact of playing in front of people for experience.

My backgrounds to this school include the following Studying solo Piano. The study of Piano provided technical musicianship and a foundation of music for me. Memorizing repertoire provided a platform in which I can learn more in depth. This also helped me in Music Theory a great deal as well as applying my studies in the ViolinLittle background in Jazz. Studied the series of 12 Bar blues and The blues scale from an alumni from 5 Town’s College Music program.Recording background. Have recorded two songs in 5 Towns College Studio with recording equipment. String Ensemble in High School provided experience in small quartet and ensemble performingThe Metropolitan Youth Orchestra provided experience in full orchestra performance.Experience in teaching. Teaching private lessons at Catolano’s Music in New Hyde Park Long Island New York. Substitute Piano teacher. Has taught students learning Piano ages 6 to 15 and repertoire ranging from NYSSMA level 1 to 6.Areas that need building rhythm and counting in ensembles and improving technical aspects of Violin playing in solo work.


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